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Pork Strips

Pork Strips

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Dehydrated Pork Strips - This product is 3oz.

Hormone & Antibiotic Free. 
Niacin , Selenium , Iron , and Protein are all found in Pork. 
Niacin helps in the breakdown of fatty acids & promotes healthy brain function. 
Selenium aids in anti cancer and antioxidant properties. Improved skin/coat condition. Assits in regulating many functions of the body. 
Iron is an essential mineral. Without iron, a dog's circulatory system can't function properly. Iron allows the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
Protein has roles in the body, such as building & repairing muscles / body tissues. Protein plays the important role in the development, bodily functions, and overall quality of life. 
Once opened try to store in a cool place away from moisture, heat, and sunlight for 30 days. This also can be frozen.
** Product photo may differ depending on what tray is used during the making process **
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