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Chicken Hearts Food Topper Sprinkles

Chicken Hearts Food Topper Sprinkles

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Chicken Heart W/Chicken Food Topper – Size: 3.5(H) x 2(Dia) inches.

- Two-sided flip tops for shaking or pouring. BPA free bottle.

Hormone and Antibiotic free.  This is Not enhanced. 

These hearts are cut in half and cleaned of fat within prepping them. They are first fast heat dehydrated then off to low heat dehydrated and of course fine grounded up as the finishing piece. This also has extra lean Chicken meat .

Great for picky eaters that just need a little more attraction to their food. Sprinkle on and watch the magic!

These smell like bacon !

Cats can also have this too! 

High in protein, vitamins A and also B as well as is rich in an array of minerals.


Keep sealed in a cool dry place out of moisture, heat, and sunlight. This can be frozen.

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