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Bully Sticks - small to medium dogs

Bully Sticks - small to medium dogs

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Pack of 2 bully sticks depending on sizes available.  Some packs have 3 quantity.

Also known as "Beef Pizzles".

Item in picture may not represent actual current stock. Some are curved,  some are straight. 

From pasture-raised, non-GMO cows. 

Hormone and Antibiotic free.  This is not enhanced.

These select ones will be for small to medium in size dogs 🐕.
For dogs who are chewers and that like to keep busy. These are very tough too so they should have a long last time frame.  
Chewing can help to relieve stress /anxiety and can also combats boredom. Also they can help with the removal of plaque. 
They are a good taurine source and highly digestible. 
They are on average 6" to 10" in length. 
Again, these are for small to medium dogs.
Please monitor your dog while serving. 
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