Our Story

A few years back my dog Primo developed Lymphoma cancer. It was a crushing moment hearing the news from the vet and I will never forget that day. 

As I scrounged forums and websites to try to find ways to help battle this illness, I found myself running in circles.

Gaining info but it was far from organized. I still had no true route for Primo. I tried all I could at the time for him, but this illness had too much control.  

Primo passed away in June of 2020. I still miss him to this day.

I’m sure many pet owners have dealt with this before and can relate to a family pet passing which is part of my push to provide passion with Nardi’s Way.

In March of 2023 something inside sparked! Currently I feed a raw diet to my two dogs Paxton and Kaia, but I needed more understanding as to how to give them a better life. What more could I do?

In short and fast forward, I started Nardi’s Way to add value to other pets and pet parents. To make pets excited for treats as well as their owners to have some peace of mind that they are providing quality treats to their pets!

Healthy animals are happy animals! Thank you for stopping by!